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Fancy a bit of karaoke for every single night of the week? You're in luck! There's a huge choice of karaoke bars in London where you can sing your heart out for Craig David's 7 days. (See what we did there.)

You can let loose with your singing in front of a group of people who, either through friendship or simply awkward work situations, are forced to pretend they're having fun. In addition, London offers a variety of regular, outrageously entertaining singalong nights in addition to great karaoke bars, which range from sleek basement booths to private party rooms at restaurants.

Perhaps you've reluctantly taken on the burden of the next work event, or perhaps you're the next huge pop sensation in waiting that nobody knows about (yet). Either way, there's a private karaoke room for you to sing the night away every day of the week.

Check out below for the best London karaoke nights all week long!

Why choose karaoke for a night out?

Do we really need to tell you why karaoke is one of the best night's out?

Karaoke bars provide a fun and lively environment for socialising. They offer an atmosphere where people can come together, de-stress, and enjoy each other's company. They also take advantage of the fact that music has the power to unite people by using it to do just that.

Karaoke bars with private rooms can provide a fun evening out for friends, family, or coworkers because of their lively atmosphere and late night licences!

There is an extensive selection of music available at karaoke bars. Featuring a huge selection of songs that suit any musical preference, ranging from classic hits to current chart-toppers. Due to their diversity, private karaoke rooms in London are an excellent destination for music enthusiasts who love a wide range of genres of music.

Oh, and they usually have cocktails, shots and delicious food on offer as well! Need we say more?

Lucky Voice karaoke for every night of the week

The best karaoke bars have something for everyone whether you're looking for a corporate night out or somewhere to hang with your friends, here are the best offers at each Lucky Voice karaoke bar 7 days a week!


Monday doesn't have to be a drag! Students can book a private room for 50% off karaoke, food and even some drinks as well! Get studying those lyrics and put together your perfect playlist if you fancy a bit of a boogie at our Holborn, Islington and Liverpool Street venues.

But that's not all, if you're a hospitality or public service worker you're in for a Monday night treat! At all of Lucky Voice's London venues you can enjoy a whopping two hours of free karaoke for your group, and only one of the group needs to work in these industries. So round up all your friends and make Monday the best start to your week!


It's neighbours night at Lucky Voice! If you live near our Holborn or Liverpool Street venues, get down to them immediately because every Tuesday you and your party get 50% off room hire! What more could you want for a Tuesday karaoke night?

Work in Holborn or Liverpool Street? This offer applies to you too!


Woah, it's neighbours night again!? Yep, that's right, if you live or work around Soho or Islington you'll get 50% off karaoke rooms at those venues.

Don't forget it's not just all about karaoke, all venues have a chic bar and dancefloor where you can soak up the atmosphere and party the night away!


Got a mid-week birthday? You can get a free round of shots when you book a private karaoke room at any Lucky Voice London venue! Instead of listening to a boring rendition of Happy Birthday from your besties you can all join in together and maybe even have a go at the Stevie Wonder version.

If cocktails and karaoke isn't your idea of a dream birthday party then we don't know what is!

P.s. you can celebrate your birthday at Lucky Voice any day of the week.


Our private karaoke rooms are soundproof, making them the ideal place for hen and stag groups to let their hair down without fear of upsetting anyone when you're trying to hot those high notes. We'll even provide a complimentary round of shots to get the party started!


There's so much going on at Lucky Voice on Saturday we're going to have to break it down even further. Drum roll please...

Family Sings at Holborn

Get the whole family together and bring the kids for a Saturday singalong session! You'll be entertained for hours as the kids sing some Disney classics and Dad does his best version of Bohemian Rhapsody (you could be there a while.)

Private Bottomless brunches at Soho

A private karaoke room and bottomless brunch? If these are two of your favourite things then you are in for a treat. Get two hours of private karaoke room hire with bottomless prosecco or sex on the beach, plus pizza! Girls Aloud, Spice Girls, Sugababes, we have all the classics needed for a bottomless brunch!

Bottomless Karaoke brunch at Islington

Every second Saturday of the month, Lucky Voice Islington hosts two hours of games and laughs, followed by 1 hour of private karaoke for you and your mates. Bagels, sides and desserts are included as well as bottomless prosecco and sex on the beach. Lucky Voice loves to spoil you.


The party doesn't have to stop on Sunday. All of our London karaoke bars are open for Family Sings bookings every Sunday as well as our offers for hospitality and public service workers as well!

Ready to sing the week away?

We hope our guide to what's on every single day at Lucky Voice has wet your appetite for some karaoke fun! Maybe we'll see you there every day from now on? We hope so.

We can cater to many events with our handy drinks packages and fantastic private karaoke rooms, including, hen nights, birthdays, corporate team building and cocktail masterclasses.

Walk in, dance out. Book now and release your inner pop diva!

London karaoke nights FAQs

Does London have karaoke?

It certainly does! London is one of the best places for karaoke whether you want to belt out some tunes at the pub or have a sophisticated evening with karaoke private rooms. You'll never be far away from a microphone!

How long do people do karaoke for?

Most karaoke sessions last for around two to three hours, but true karaoke lovers can sing for hours on end! Private karaoke rooms at Lucky Voice are bookable by the hour and cheaper to book in advance, with so many songs to choose from who knows how long you'll be singing!

Is karaoke for everyone?

Finding your go-to karaoke song is essential to enjoying yourself with the least amount of self-consciousness, whether you're singing with a group of friends in a private karaoke room or in front of a large crowd at a bar.