Working 9-5

One of the best things about karaoke is its ability to connect.

There’s a buzz and an energy that comes from cutting loose with your friends as you all strain together to hit the high notes and laugh at the occasional melodic mishap along the way.

We aim to get that same energy and buzz going throughout our workplaces. So we laugh a lot, work hard together, and yeah… sometimes we sing. Ok, we sing a LOT.

At Lucky Voice, you’re not just working for a living, and it’s definitely not all taking and no giving, Mrs Parton. One of our core company values is to ‘Have fun, Be fun’ and we strive to offer our employees the same giddy excitement that our karaoke-loving customers enjoy when they pick up one of our mics.

Perhaps you make the meanest margarita in town. Or maybe you program Python so well, you’re practically a snake charmer. Or are you brimming with marketing ideas that’ll WOW us to no end? Sounds good to us!

So if you feel like you’d be a fab fit for the Lucky Voice team, click on the link below and come join our family.

Come join our family

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