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Private karaoke rooms are taking over the London party scene and it's not difficult to see why! A karaoke room can be a casual place to get together with friends for a good ol' sing-song or the corporate work event of the year to bust some moves with Gareth from HR!

Private karaoke rooms or karaoke booths are available for rent in many clubs and restaurants, and they give a great way to enjoy karaoke without worrying about disturbing others or terrifying anyone with your rendition of 'I Will Always Love You'.

You can also feel free to let loose and have a fantastic time without fearing that you'll offend anyone because the rooms are completely private and soundproof!

London is reported to have 68 dedicated karaoke bars – you can easily find a buzzing karaoke bar in every area of the city!

If you're ready to sing karaoke on your next night out, take a look at these fantastic features of a private karaoke room:

What is a private karaoke booth?

The karaoke rooms in karaoke bars are frequently small, private rooms that can be reserved by the hour. They often have speakers, a karaoke machine, and a microphone.

Despite being a relatively recent concept in the UK, karaoke has long been a popular source of entertainment in Japan. The English word "karaoke" was really created by combining the Japanese words "kara" (which means "empty") and "oke" (which means "orchestra"). In other words, karaoke is a type of musical entertainment where people sing along to previously recorded instrumental tunes.

Singing karaoke has been proven to relieve stress, boost confidence and strengthen social connections. We can't think of a better way to celebrate a special occasion!

5 standout features of a private karaoke room

Here are some totally epic features and reasons you should book a karaoke lounge for all your private parties and release your inner diva!

Décor and interiors

Well you wouldn't expect the décor to be boring would you? Hello Instagram! Anything from sporty to bling to fuzzy to retro can be found in karaoke room decor.

Usually, each karaoke area has a specific theme. Some karaoke fans claim to have an alter ego, which increases their singing courage. Get ready to party since entering an atmosphere with an upbeat theme frequently causes the alter ego to come into play!


Lighting in a private karaoke will always be top notch. Strobe lights, disco lights and coloured mood lighting, they have it all!

In a karaoke venue, good lighting is essential. With ambient lights, spots, and other bright components, a small area can be made exciting. The lights create a feeling of space and influence the overall vibe, you'll find the overall appearance slightly dark like a club but still have enough light so you can see your yummy food and drinks! (More on that later.)

Karaoke boxes and equipment

High-quality audio equipment is one of the essential components of a karaoke room. This covers karaoke-specific speakers, amplifying equipment, mixing equipment, and microphones. These elements come together to provide robust, clear sound that improves the karaoke experience as a whole.

In order to achieve the ideal balance for their performance, the audio equipment is typically configured to allow users to modify the volume and tone of their voice as well as the background music. Many karaoke establishments also provide a large variety of well-known songs and musical styles, which can be accessed via a touch screen system or a portable device.

Here's a list of everything you should expect to find in a private karaoke room:

    • Screens: for example, a TV, projector screen, or monitor.
    • Speakers: You'd be a bit miffed if your karaoke room didn't have any!
    • Wireless or wired microphones: Even better if you get a choice of funky colours!
    • Amplifier/mixer
    • A commercial karaoke program: At Lucky Voice venues you'll find thousands of songs to choose from and you can even make your very own playlist!

Song selection

You can't have karaoke without music!

Choosing songs from online databases is one of the essential components of a Karaoke room. A user-friendly interface allows you to quickly search and choose from among a vast selection of music in these databases, which span many different languages, genres, and eras. Through guests favourite songs or brand-new ones, users can tailor their singing experience using this feature.

A high-quality audio experience is also provided through the use of specialised audio hardware and software, which guarantees the sound and music track quality. Karaoke rooms are a growingly popular entertainment choice across the globe thanks to the accessibility of such a broad and comprehensive music selection from digital databases.

Food and drinks packages

Singing all those songs is thirsty work so you'll be needing a cocktail or two! Most karaoke bars will have food and drinks packages when you make your booking so don't forget to check those out!

Drinks should be delivered to your private karaoke room so you never have to miss a second of the action. Some venues will even host cocktail masterclasses where you can mix your own drinks then party on down after all your hard work. What more could you want?


Yes — you heard us right! Maybe you have little ones that love to sing and shout their latest favourite disney songs, but you normally keep that to the privacy of your home. Or maybe you’re dying to let loose your inner Celine Dion, but you don’t want the public hearing you belting out the classics.

Don’t fear! Soundproofing is a great option if you want to keep your singing and partying away from prying ears.

Lucky Voice private karaoke rooms offer total soundproofing, so you don’t ever have to worry about disrupting the peace—and everyone can have fun! Most karaoke bars will also have a volume control system which allows you to adjust the volume in your private room as and when needed, too.

Looking for private karaoke rooms across London?

We hope this guide to private karaoke has inspired you to belt out your favourite karaoke tunes and party with your besties!

Lucky Voice is THE place to be if you're looking for the best karaoke rooms in London to sing your heart out.

We can cater to many events with our handy drinks packages and fantastic private karaoke rooms, including, hen nights, birthdays, corporate team building and cocktail masterclasses.

Walk in, dance out. Book now and release your inner rock star!

What is a private karaoke room FAQs

How do karaoke rooms work?

A karaoke box is a private place where karaoke is performed in a group and that may be rented for a length of time (often 2 hours). It is also referred to as a private karaoke suite, karaoke room, karaoke lounge, or KTV.

What makes karaoke fun?

It's a terrific way to socialise and make new friends, for starters. Additionally, singing with others is a lot of fun and even therapeutic. You can improve your singing abilities, raise your confidence, and relieve stress by participating in karaoke. The fact that karaoke is quite simple to perform is another factor in its popularity.