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Karaoke is an ever popular and universally loved activity for a night out, whether you sing along to slow jams or rock out with friends. It's a globally adored activity to take the stage and sing your heart out.

Bars, clubs, and house parties all around the world host the singing machines as part of the karaoke craze, and there's no sign of it ever slowing down! In fact, according to research, karaoke can increase footfall into bars by 40%.

Thankfully, what it actually means is that it's one of the coolest things to do in London at night, where you can let loose your vocals on a room full of people, whether that be a hen night or a corporate do with your colleagues!

Ready to belt out some Britney in a private karaoke room? Here are the best karaoke bars in London!

A brief history of karaoke...

We know you're itching to get up on stage to grab that microphone, but here's where our beloved karaoke started...

The word "karaoke" really means "empty orchestra" in Japanese, despite becoming a borrowed word that everyone is familiar with. It consists of the first half of the term "karappo," which means "empty," and the first part of the Japanese word for orchestra, "okesutora."

Karaoke, where you perform the singing, often has a backing track without vocals, however certain varieties of karaoke do feature vocals on the track to aid singers.

(We know you said you know all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody, but we'll provide the lyrics as well just in case...)

Though it began in Kobe, Japan, in the early 1970s, karaoke is now widely popular. Leasing the equipment allowed a karaoke bar to rent it out to their customers, who would sing (or at least think they were singing) into the microphone in private rooms until far after midnight.

The best private karaoke rooms in London

Did you know the most popular karaoke song in the UK is Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams? Whatever gets you up and singing (you can't beat Mysterious Girl in our opinion), here are the best private party rooms for a sing-a-long and a boogie!

Lucky Voice Holborn, Soho, Islington & Liverpool Street

If you're looking for the coolest karaoke venues in London, Lucky Voice means business. With venues in Holborn, Soho, Islington and Liverpool Street, you pop stars are really spoilt for choice.

With over 9,000 of your favourite songs to choose from and a private karaoke booth for up to 30 people, you're guaranteed one hell of a party!

What makes Lucky Voice unique is the beautiful mix of vintage and modern décor and you can press a button for an emergency cocktail delivery direct to your room! (Quite fancy having one of those at home...)

Lucky Voice also hold a variety of themed events perfect for corporate parties and hen nights, as well as cocktail masterclasses and dancefloors to boogie the night away.

The Star of Bethnal Green

The Star of Bethnal Green features a secret karaoke room with a Lucky Voice karaoke box tucked away in its eccentric decor. In addition, the bar serves reasonably priced drinks (2 for £12 cocktails on Thursdays!) and the Flying Spud serves up plenty of food.

Bat & Ball

The Bat and Ball, now the most popular venue in Stratford Westfield, also has a private room with more than 20,000 songs. So if you've been waiting for the chance to sing along to favourite guilty pleasure songs in front of friends and co-workers, now is your chance, of course in between slices of pizza and sips of your preferred beverage.

All Star Lanes, Brick Lane

With cocktails and trendy 50s themes, All Star Lanes has revived that loving sensation in bowling. They've also thrown in one of the best London karaoke bars, just in case an hour of knocking down pins in an atomic-era bowling alley with killer music, authentic American diner food, and 2-4-1 cocktails somehow wasn't enough. 

Karaoke Box, Soho

Due to their no-frills but always trustworthy blend of private booths, amazing tunes, and incredibly well-stocked bars, Karaoke Box is a London karaoke tradition. With 15 rooms to rent and a dance floor to hit afterward, Smithfield is their largest; Soho is suitable for smaller group sizes.

Lord Napier & Star

Lord Napier & Star, one of the best restaurants in Hackney, is breaking into the market for private karaoke rooms. Make your way to this well-known Hepscott Road spot where you may use the Lucky Voice Machine and sing your heart out while sipping a nice beverage.

Inamo Games Room

A high-tech karaoke room with a giant projector screen and seating for 20 people is secretly located in Soho's Inamo restaurant. The venue may be outfitted with a sushi buffet, and you can pre-order drinks for your arrival (allowing extra time for the singing). It's the ideal place for a special birthday celebration or business night out.

Looking for private karaoke rooms across London?

We hope you've found this guide to karaoke in London helpful and it's put you in the mood for dancing! If you're in need of a big night out after a week in the office, or you're looking for an easy idea for a hen night, Lucky Voice is your number one destination for a sing song!

We can cater to many events with our handy drinks packages and fantastic private karaoke rooms, including, hen nights, birthdays, corporate team building and have you ever heard of a karaoke brunch? Well you have now!

Walk in, dance out. Book now and release your inner rock star!

Best private karaoke rooms in London FAQs

How do karaoke rooms work?

A karaoke box, sometimes referred to as a private karaoke suite, karaoke room, karaoke lounge, or KTV, is a private room where karaoke is performed in a group and that may be booked for a set amount of time (often two hours).

Is karaoke popular in London?

If you're anything like us, many wild nights in London conclude with karaoke. Additionally, there are a number of fantastic London karaoke locations where you may let loose and embrace your inner rockstar, despite the fact that many establishments frown upon impromptu lyrical warbling.

Is karaoke good for Mental Health?

The amount of stress it releases is one of the biggest advantages of karaoke. Since singing typically makes people happy, it naturally lowers your body's stress levels. Endorphins are also released at this time, which helps to lessen stress and anxiety.

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