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Let's be honest, you hear the boss mention a 'team building activity' and everybody immediately groans on the inside. Yawn! But what if we told you team building activities can actually be a little bit wild and may include a drink or two? Got your attention now haven't we?

Everyone needs a break from work every now and then, and studies show that socialising between team members improves communication patterns more than 50%. So your next corporate event can be a win/win scenario, loads of fun for your team and beneficial for your business!

A harmonious workforce is essential to the success of any company, whether it is a recently founded startup or an established company.

You've come to the perfect spot if you're trying to come up with ideas for unusual things your team can do in London. After reading this, your team will become a well-oiled machine thanks to our list of team building venues in London!

Can corporate events be fun?

Team building events. Been there, got the t-shirt. We get it. If you want your team building event to be out of this world fun you need to get creative.

55% of employees don’t know their co-workers well. It's time to change that.

Forget board games in the break room and boring leadership skills seminars. How unconventional or surprising can you make it? Opting for an unorthodox theme might also result in additional unexpected elements throughout the event, such as food, entertainment, and more!

Your team or clients will stop participating in your business events if you make them passive. Interactive features are the most efficient method to create a memorable and enjoyable event. Activities for team building events, games, competitions, or interactive stations with all singing and dancing are some great examples of this.

6 of the best team building activities and corporate event ideas in London

Here are the very best team building activities in London guaranteed to be THE corporate event of the year for your team. From karaoke rooms to escape rooms, your team night out starts here!

Lucky Voice Bars

Lucky Voice can meet all of your needs, whether you're planning the perfect team-building event,  or providing an unforgettable evening for some (diva) clients who are travelling from out of town.

The huge bar spaces are suitable for larger networking gatherings, conferences or presentations, and their private karaoke rooms are fantastic for smaller meetings.

Throw some delicious small bites and music themed cocktails into the mix and you've got a day to remember. If you're looking for unique indoor team building activities, this is the place to be.


In London, shuffleboard is a fantastic team-building activity that isn't limited to cruise ships. Shuffleboard is back at a variety of venues across the London party scene. At most venues you can also choose to reserve private lanes and tables only, or the entire facility or just a portion of it.

Some venues even have outdoor lanes if you’re brave enough to risk the London weather! Tabletop shuffleboard sessions are another option if you're looking for outdoor team building activities that will pique the interest of everyone on your team.

If you're looking for team building games with a difference, it's time to get your shuffle on!

Escape Rooms

For members of new teams, an escape room can be a fun and thrilling way to get to know one another. For established teams, they might be a way to "let off steam" at a stressful time at work or a chance to celebrate success when a project is over.

Your team can benefit from escape rooms to develop important skills including stamina, cooperation, communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. They can also be an effective tool for a team to practise how it would react in stressful situations.

With escape rooms all over London you’re definitely spoilt for choice, and even better that you can go for a celebratory drink after escaping! Let's be optimistic here, not everybody escapes...

Axe throwing 

Try this London team-building activity to bring out your inner lumberjack. Are you eager to learn more about your coworkers? You'll be there sooner than you expected if you put an axe in their hands! Who would have guessed that the ideal formula to bring people out of their shell required a wood-chopping instrument? 

It is also an option to reserve private lanes or share lanes with other parties. Either way, it's the ideal exercise to let off steam and strengthen team bonding!

The Crystal Maze

Did you adore and always want to be a member of the popular game show The Crystal Maze from the 1990s? Then you'll be able to realise your most ambitious dreams with this team-building activity! 

Just as in the show, your squad will navigate across themed Aztec, mediaeval, industrial, and futuristic zones while facing a variety of mental and physical difficulties.

An inflatable Crystal Dome, event management staff, and all the necessary props and equipment are all included in the package to ensure an incredible time. Not only that, but your hosts will be enthusiastic and will get you and your team in the game from the very beginning. To finish the experience, you can also include a Richard O'Brien impersonator!

Crazy Golf

Mini-golf is a fun game, but it also has a competitive side. Players are urged to go for their highest score while nevertheless supporting one another. Employee performance can be greatly influenced by this positive competition. As players support one another and revel in one another's accomplishments, it can also foster a sense of unity and teamwork.

Many crazy golf venues in London also come fully equipped with delicious street food and an on-site bar so your corporate evening can be easily done all in one place!

Looking for a corporate event with a difference?

With your newfound knowledge of the top corporate events in London, it's time to get creative! Select the concept or ideas that work best for your schedule, then set aside time for a fun-filled, memorable event!

Our locations on Liverpool Street and Holborn, which are ideal for corporate events and team building exercises, can accommodate meetings and conferences for groups of up to 300 people. Our main conference area, which has space for up to 60 conference attendees and an HD projector, is suitable for larger presentations, while our private rooms are perfect for smaller gatherings.

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Corporate events and team building activities London FAQs

What are team activities in London city?

There is no shortage of team building activities in London, so whatever your team's requirements, this city has plenty to offer. A team supper, wine or beer tasting, karaoke, baking or cooking classes, and painting classes are some of the most well-liked team-building activities in London.

What is a business away day?

Employers host away days for a variety of reasons, but frequently the main goal is to give employees an opportunity to escape the office, let loose, and enjoy some good ol' fashioned fun—much like during a Christmas party. Employers also want to express gratitude, provide entertainment, and inspire their workforce.

What makes a corporate event?

Any event, hospitality, or social activity that is planned or supported by a commercial organisation is, in essence, a corporate event.