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Forget Vegas, London is definitely a city that never sleeps! And quite rightly so. You really have to visit the city's streets, people, and night-time illumination of its bridges, especially during the summer.

Travelling about London after sunset is made easy by a 24-hour tube service that runs on certain major lines on weekends and night buses that run all week. But what fun and unique things can you do on a night out?

London attracts around 30 million visitors from around the world every year, that's A LOT of people to keep entertained!

From quirky London clubs, walking tours, live music venues and maybe you fancy your very own live music with a spot of private karaoke? We've got the perfect guide to nightlife in London for all you night owls out there!

What time does a London night out start?

London is a city that never sleeps, much like New York City, so you should anticipate that a night out there will go far into the early hours of the morning. Weekend partygoers typically begin to trickle into the streets as early as 6 p.m., while pubs are usually busiest from 6 to 9 p.m. every day of the week.

Bars, clubs, and pubs in London typically close around 1 a.m. during the week, but they usually remain open much later on the weekends (generally until around 3:30 a.m.)

Additionally, most bars open as early as 4 p.m. during the week, and possibly as early as 12 p.m. on weekends. However, don't expect all of them to be busy until much later in the evening.

And even though it might go without saying, if you have a certain bar, club or pub in mind, especially if you're going out on a weekday, it might be a good idea to check the opening and closing times on their official website before you visit.

10 unique ideas for cool nights out in London

While club nights and late night bars can be a great night out, we've got some fun and quirky ideas that really show off London's nightlife:

Lucky Voice Karaoke Bars

We've all seen karaoke in a classic British pub but have you ever had your very own private karaoke room? You bring the vocals, Lucky Voice will sort the rest! 

With delicious food options, a call button for cocktails and thousands of tunes to sing your heart out too, Lucky Voice karaoke bars definitely deliver on a unique night out!

As well as having their own cocktail bars, you can even take part in cocktail masterclasses where you can shake up your own drinks, who knows, you might invent London's new favourite cocktail!

With central locations including Soho, Holborn and Liverpool Street as well as Islington in East London you're spoilt for choice for a karaoke night out in London!

Late Night at the Museum

On some days, a number of the most well-known museums and galleries in London, such as the British Museum, Science Museum, Tate Modern, National Gallery, and London Transport Museum, remain open late. These locations are less crowded at night, so you may take your time and explore them at your leisure.

Furthermore, why not have an old-fashioned sleepover if you just can't bring yourself to leave? After all, who says kids should have all the fun?  You can explore the galleries and temporary exhibits at the Natural History Museum. 

It also features a three-course meal, live music, a marathon of films, comedies, science exhibits, and a sampling of insects! It's a really unique experience!

World Class London Theatres

See an evening performance at London's West End, popularly referred to as Theatreland. There is something for everyone among the many plays, musicals, cabarets, and other events available.

The Soho Theatre is well-known for its late shows, which end at 12 AM and are the ideal after-dinner treat.

A romantic evening at The Shard

The tallest structure in all of Europe, The Shard, is 95 stories tall and 310 metres at its highest point. From the outdoor sky deck, take in some of the greatest views of London and witness a sparkling night sky.

Additionally—and this may sound strange—remember to use the loo! Situated 244 metres above London we guarantee that these are the most stunning toilets in the city since they have floor to ceiling views of the sky.

Comedy Clubs

Many fantastic comedy clubs in London offer free comedy evenings every week if you're in the mood for a good laugh.Make sure you check out the London comedy scene to witness some of the newest comics performing live.

Night-time River Cruises

Would you like to sip champagne while sailing the River Thames? Experience a dinner cruise along London's renowned Thames while taking in the city's skyline, jazz music, and a four-course meal. Slide past some of the most remarkable structures on Earth, such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the Shard, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the Tower of London.

Ceremony of the Keys

The Tower of London is home to this entertaining family-friendly historical evening adventure. Part of the Tower's nightly lockdown is the renowned Ceremony of the Keys. It's a centuries-old custom that includes military music, big rings of keys, secret passwords, and Beefeaters. Perfect for all the history buffs out there!

London Eye at night

The London Eye gives you a central vantage point from which to view the most famous landmarks in the city. Fully booked during the day? The closure time varies depending on the day, so check the London Eye website. A ride in the evening can be enchanting.

Boogie at the best London clubs

London has plenty of vibrant nightclubs that offer a variety of music genres and experiences till the early hours of the morning, perfect for a good old boogie! For late-night bars and clubs, head to Shoreditch. Alternatively, visit Camden in North London to see live music venues .

With performances every night and affordable club nights every day of the week, London at night is the place to be if you love music.

A quiet night at the pub

Have you had enough walking and eating for the day and need a drink? There are countless pubs and bars across London. You can choose from friendly martini lounges to lively old-fashioned pubs. A pub crawl is a great way to discover some more of London's best pubs if you're a single traveller hoping to meet some new people.

Ready to sing and dance the night away?

There you have it, 10 ways to enjoy a night in London once the sun goes down. We hope we've given you some fun new ideas for a night out you'll remember!

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We can cater to many events with our handy drinks packages and fantastic private karaoke rooms, including, hen nights, birthdays, corporate team building and cocktail masterclasses.

Walk in, dance out. Book now and release your inner rock star!