5 London Venues For The Ultimate Office Christmas Party

Posted on Tue Oct 09 2018 by ollie

From adult ball pits to late night karaoke, check out the top 5 venues in London for throwing the ultimate office Christmas party!

Nothing boosts company morale like an epic office Christmas party. Whether it’s watching the usually demure figure of Sharon from HR down shots and tell dirty jokes, or seeing the boss whip out some famously naff dance moves, the combination of good food, good booze and good cheer has the potential to get the entire company buzzing with Christmas spirit if done properly. With that in mind, we’ve compiled our 5 favourite venues for the ultimate office Christmas party to help make sure this year’s work do is an absolute Christmas cracker…

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Adult Ball Pit

An image of a man's feet and arms poking out of a giant ball pit full of UV balls

Ballie Ballerson (that’s genuinely what it’s called) offers an utterly bonkers adult ball pit experience for those keen to go really left field with their Christmas celebration this year. Highlights include the massive ‘million ball’ glowing UV pit pictured above, retro sweetie cocktails, a special golden ball VIP pit and, most importantly, cheeseburger spring rolls.

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Christmas Karaoke

A photo of a man and two women singing karaoke together in a private room and having a great time

You can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned Christmas sing song, especially when you add pizza, craft cocktails and fancy dress in to the mix! Lucky Voice’s private karaoke rooms come equipped with plenty of seasonal fancy dress during the November/December period, and guests can enjoy food or drink delivered straight to their room using the iconic Lucky Voice ‘Thirsty’ button. And with single and multiple room hire options – as well as full venue hire – Lucky Voice IslingtonSoho and Holborn are a great choice for offices of all shapes, budgets and sizes looking to put the Noël in to Noel Gallagher this year.

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Giant Scalextric

A group of people sat down at the Four Thieves pub playing on its giant scalextric track

The Four Thieves Pub in Clapham contains an array of awesome arcade games that’ll transport you back to your childhood including the above giant scalextric ‘Moonshine Raceway’ racing track. There’s also mini golf, an immersive escape room with the wonderful title ‘Lady Chastity’s Reserve’, competitive VR gaming and an onsite brewery to enjoy.

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Social Darts

An image of a girl preparing to throw a dart at Flight Club in Shoreditch

Flight Club in Shoreditch, Victoria and Bloomsbury offer a social darts experience that is fantastic fun regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned pro in the art of throwing pointy metal at a board. The venues can provide competitive games for groups of between 2-250 and there’s oodles of tasty grub for sharing on the menu as well as cocktails, alcoholic slushies and craft beer galore.

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A man preparing to throw a counter in shuffleboard while holding a beer in his other hand

Shuffleboard is really simple to pick up and surprisingly addictive. At London Shuffle you can choose between floor or table shuffleboard – table shuffleboard (pictured above) involves an 18ft table, clue is in the name, that you gently slide a puck down by hand to land in scoring zones, whereas floor shuffleboard is more like a mix between ten pin bowling and curling where two teams compete against each other using long sticks called tangs to manoeuvre pucks called biscuits (both brilliant names) in to scoring zones.

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