The 5 Best Pub Quizzes In Angel and Islington

Posted on Wed Oct 31 2018 by emily

Check out our round up of the top 5 pub quizzes for Sunday – Thursday quizzing around Angel and Islington

Everyone loves a pub quiz! Whether it’s the silly team names – Quiztopher Bigwins, Quizteama Aguilera and I Thought This Was Speed Dating are three of our particular favourites – or the fact that it’s an excuse to head down the pub on a weekday; there’s just something quintessentially British about frantically trying to remember the name of the bassist from Pulp on a Tuesday evening. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the local area and are proud to present the top 5 pub quizzes in Angel and Islington for Sunday – Thursday quizzing…

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1) The Lexington – Every Monday from 8pm 

Lexington Pub Quiz on Mondays with Paul Guided Missile

A two minute walk from Angel Station, The Lexington is an awesome cross between an old school British boozer and an American rock bar/grill. The decor is Victorian baroque, with a huge selection of craft beers and bourbon from across the pond to wet one’s whistle, and an ever changing selection of fried meaty and veggie goodness with which to dry said whistle. Given the pub’s rep as an indie music haunt, it’ll come as no surprise that its quiz is music-orientated with some uniquely structured rounds and an ingeniously foul-mouthed quizmaster called Paul Guided Missile (pictured above).

Top prize each week is always £60 in cash, with plenty of free booze rounds and a multipack of crisps for the best team name. Cost is £2/head with a maximum team size of 6.

2) Lucky Voice – Every Thursday from 7pm 

An image of a group of friends writing their answers down in the Lucky Voice Islington pub quiz

Where else can you find a pub quiz that features rounds with space hoppers, hula hoops, limbo and air guitar showdowns? This pub quiz attempts to distill the full Lucky Voice experience, with loads of quirky shenanigans led by a hunky quiz master, plenty of trivia questions on musical mischief including fan favourites like Name That Tune and Next Lines, 2-4-1 cocktails from a team of mixologist maestros, and of course, the option once the quizzing is finished to continue your night with a bit of karaoke in your very own sound-proof private room.

Maximum team of eight, entry is £2/head with all of the money going towards one massive bar tab for the winning team.

To book, email or call 020 7354 6280

3) Radicals And Victuallers – Every Sunday from 7pm 

The inside of Radicals and Victuallers

As the name implies, Radicals and Victuallers is a pretty left-field hang out that markets itself as a ‘Place to unwind and imbibe in the company of people who are just as weird as you’ – count us in! The kitchen serves up naughty American diner grub, and there’s always a great selection of craft beer on tap, making this an ideal pub quiz for those looking to round their week – and hangover – off in both comforting and calorific fashion.

The quiz itself involves plenty of fun picture, mystery voice, intro and film clip rounds, with t-shirt giveaways and a cash money prize for the winning team. Make sure to keep an eye out for the pub’s occasional quiz collaboration specials as well, where the cash prize is replaced with something awesome like winning your own height in beer. Entry is £2/person and there’s no limit on team size but there are penalties for teams of over 7.

4) The Old Queen’s Head – Every Tuesday from 7pm 

The Queen's Head Islington Pub Quiz Tuesdays

The Old Queen’s Head quiz is worth going to for the pub’s interior decor alone – it’s like having a drink in the parlour of a particularly eccentric Edwardian-era millionaire (probably one with an opium addiction, we don’t judge). Marketing itself as a ‘pub quiz for people too cool for a pub quiz’ you can expect plenty of off the wall rounds from the quizmaster, like dirty doodles and kazookeoke (we honestly have no idea). There’s also a decent cocktail menu to imbibe and an array of beefy burgers to sample from the pub’s Lucky Chip’ kitchen.

Cash prize varies depending on the size of the quiz crowd, and there’s also a few bonus rounds to win free booze. £2/person, maximum team size of 6.

5) The Bull – Every Wednesday from 8pm

The Bull Pub Quiz host wearing a shiny golden jacket and holding a microphone

Set in a proper pub pub, you can look forward to rounds involving Play-Doh, a wheel of fortune and the occasional opportunity to win a bag of Scottish Oats or Olly Murs calendar in this eclectic pub quiz. The Bull also runs a beer and burger offer for £10.50 on quiz nights, and is rumoured to have been built on the site of a house once owned by none other than Sir Walter Raleigh, so there’s plenty for both burger and history buffs alike to sink their teeth in to.

Entry is £2/person, maximum team of 6, cash prizes vary though there’s always a bottle of wine for the team that comes second last!

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