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Let's be honest, the phrase 'team building activities' isn't always going to fill your colleagues with immense joy; many corporate events can leave employees yawning rather than actually getting to know each other!

In the business world, 39% of employees have reported they don't feel like they can collaborate with their employees, which equals a lot of sad faces on your employee feedback forms which you really don't want to see as a business owner.

London is a fantastic mashup of buzzing events, high-energy venues, and locations for learning both practical and pointless skills! Engage the entire team, put in your best effort, and reap the rewards at work.

This is your handy guide to the best team building activities in London guaranteed to get your employees excited for a work night out!

Why should you organise team building events?

Building a strong group that works towards a common objective is the process of team building. The significance and primary goal of team building is to forge connections and bonds among individuals to build a successful team. 

Businesses and organisations can greatly benefit from fostering these ties through team building. Increased collaboration, planning abilities, employee motivation, and communication are all advantages of team building.

People can connect in a fun environment by participating in high energy activities that let them see each other in a new light! A new and exciting team building event is always a win-win scenario!

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8 best London team building locations & activities

London is a fantastic place for team building since there are so many interesting, unique, and enjoyable team-building activities available. 

You'll have a lot of options, but don't worry—we're here to assist you in making plans for your company's day (or evening) out. See our list of the top team-building activities London has to offer in the section below.

Lucky Voice Private Karaoke Rooms

A team building event at Lucky Voice Liverpool Street or Lucky Voice Holborn provides the best opportunity for team bonding. The team building exercises are great for eliminating barriers because they raise team spirits, unleash creativity, foster loyalty, and create solid leaders. 

You'll also really get to know each other when you find out everyone's go-to karaoke song! Who knew your boss was a Barry Manilow fan?

The day's activities are centred around entertaining interactive games, with karaoke serving as the day's main icebreaker. An experienced corporate host oversees all activities, and there are plenty of food and beverage options available to keep everyone fuelled and refreshed.

If you're looking for a totally unique team building activity, this is the venue for you!

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Problem Solved! Escape Rooms

Escape rooms offer a fantastic opportunity for a fun team activity. Aimscape and Breakin' Escape are two venues that provide a wide variety of rooms and experiences. Additionally, some escape rooms provide themed packages designed especially for team building.

Your group may need to be divided into smaller teams for this form of team building, but this can be an opportunity to mix up individuals who don't often get the chance to interact (or an opportunity for Deb and Mike to settle their spreadsheet argument). 

The same amazing experience can be had by your team in multiple locations that even feature more than one of the same room.

Tech Crazy Golf, Puttshack

Puttshack has two sites throughout London and has essentially changed the way crazy golf is done. The Puttshack courses use technology to track the ball and the course, eliminating scorecards (and the opportunity to cheat!).

The ingenious technology allows each ball to precisely track its movement and number of hits. Your day out here will be both incredibly engaging and a lot of fun thanks to the atmosphere, which resembles a form of techno paradise.

Jury Duty Live

In the acclaimed immersive experience Jury Duty, you'll need to cooperate to question the defendant and examine the evidence, which includes sworn statements and a computer database. You decide if he is guilty or not.

All Star Lanes

All Star Lanes Bowling is an excellent venue for amazing food, drink, and cutting-edge bowling. 

Your team building day will be catered for thanks to the facility's capacity to hold events for up to 520 persons. Four sites give flexibility and enable you to experience your piece of America! It's a tried-and-true recipe for wonderful food, drinks, bowling, and pure enjoyment with an American twist.

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TOCA Social Greenwich

Playing rounds of virtual football games on TOCA Social will help you and your team bond over the love of the beautiful game. The indoor team building activities at the Greenwich location offers something for people of all skill levels, and there are lots of additional team building games to explore afterward, such as foosball, video game arcades, and photo booths.

Sweet Workshops

Looking for team building ideas combined with a sweet treat? You're in luck! 

Meringue's modern obsession has at last made it into the world of teambuilding! If you want to learn how to make those delightful sweet delicacies that often arrive in a box that is too little, take a look at places like The Meringue Girls

Add some bubbly Prosecco in the experience so that team building activities can prove to be memorable (we hope!) and deliciously unforgettable. 

Boat Trips

If you're a bit more adventurous and are looking for outdoor team building activities, why not hop on a boat along the mighty River Thames?

You can go on a guided canoe journey down the river with your group. This is a terrific approach to get everyone outside and slightly push their comfort zones.

Another option is to rent a bigger boat like The Elizabethan or West End on the Thames, which provide catered events for a midweek lunch or early evening gathering with drinks. Followed by a night out on the town, an evening of pure sophistication!

Looking for team building venues your colleagues will never forget?

We hope you're buzzing with ideas for your next team night out! It's very lucky you stumbled upon our guide—because Lucky Voice may have the ideal team building activity for you and your colleagues!

Choose from either our Holborn or Liverpool Street venues for a jam packed team building day filled with karaoke, cocktails and loads of fun! Make sure you check out all our other sing-tastic events too!

Book your next team building in London now!

Best London Team Building Activities FAQs

What are the best team building activities?

The best team building activities are days or nights out that don't feel like work at all! Choose a unique event that your employees can truly relax in and be themselves, that's the best way to get to know each other and get the best out of one another!

What is a team building event?

Team-building activities are a sort of B2B event marketing where your internal workforce serves as your main target market. This event type typically aims to promote improved teamwork and communication as well as increased employee satisfaction.

Is karaoke good for team building?

Yes! Karaoke develops self-assurance, healthy competitiveness, and gives everyone a chance to briefly let their guard down and put their professional work attitudes aside. You're guaranteed a lot of laughs as well!