BCorp Policy

  • Ethical marketing policies
  • Absolute honesty and transparency. These are two things we fully commit to in running the Lucky Voice business and communicating with our customers.

    We strive to be ethical marketers. Most importantly, this means making sure our marketing campaigns clearly and adequately depict the Lucky Voice bar experience, showing the value and fun it represents without exaggerating our product or misleading our customers.

    We commit to honest content creation, producing videos, photos, digital designs and blogs that aim to showcase the Lucky Voice experience in a true way that aligns with our positioning as  ‘the place to let go’. In all campaign creative we commit to cultural sensitivity ensuring we are inclusive of all races, genders, sexualities, and walks of life.

    Alongside honest representation, ethical marketing means being upfront in all aspects of communication. We ensure that all information (booking terms, costs, offers, events, menu ingredients and sourcing) is clearly accessible from every touchpoint – be it our website, printed materials, booking forms, or partnerships.

    Our email marketing is permission-based, meaning any newsletters or e-shots will only be received by customers who have chosen to opt in to communications.  This can be done by either checking this box during a booking or guest WIFI login process, signing up via our newsletter section on the blog page of our website, or requesting to be added to the database by a member of the Lucky Voice team. Prioritising customer satisfaction is important to us, so we look to stimulate an engaged audience. Should a customer decide they no longer wish to receive marketing communications, we make the unsubscribe process easy and clear – simply clicking the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of our emails, or by emailing us at hello@luckvyoice.com or giving us a ring on  020 7439 3660 and requesting this directly with a member of the team). 

    We also commit to being GDPR compliant – no email or related data will ever be shared publicly or passed on to third parties. Anyone who opts out of email marketing is added straight to a suppression list meaning they cannot be contacted again. For full information on GDPR please click here. 

    Similarly, we value ethical SEO and social media growth and do not purchase links, followers or likes. We believe communities should be built organically via content marketing,  partnerships and targeted ads to both current and potential customers. We are excited by and believe in the marketing material we put out, and want for our customers to feel the same. 

    We commit to update all of the above practises as the industry evolves and the Lucky Voice business grows by checking in on campaigns quarterly and ensuring these meet our ethical marketing practises checklist which includes the points listed. 

    For any further questions or feedback relating to our ethical marketing policies please email olivia@luckyvoice.com or give us a ring on 020 7439 3660. 

    • Customer satisfaction

    Here at Lucky Voice we pride ourselves on giving our customers their best night out – and that’s why we take all feedback very seriously. We continue to outperform our competitor set when it comes to delivering outstanding service and experiences –  our Net Promoter Score exceeds the average NPS for the hospitality industry (53 – according to Forbes). If you would like to provide us with any feedback from your experience at one of our venues, please fill in our surveys for Liverpool StreetHolbornSohoIslington or Brighton. Alternatively, please email hello@luckyvoice.com.