First time Fridays

Monday 16th Mar – Monday 30th Nov

Bring a Lucky Voice virgin with you to Lucky Voice Glasgow on a Friday and get an hour singing for free!

Do you know a Lucky Voice virgin? Yes, I know it's hard to believe but there are still a few out there. Those who don't yet know the pleasure of belting out a dodgy Beyonce album track to the shock and awe of their close friends and colleagues.

But now's your chance to show them what they're missing AND save yourself some money!

Every Friday night you can get an hour for free if you bring a Lucky Voice virgin and book a 2 hour session at Lucky Voice Glasgow.

Get in touch either via telephone: 0141 553 4888 or email:

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The ultimate karaoke experience

Grab your friends, grab a drink, grab the mic and prepare yourself for an unbeatable night out, it's guaranteed to blow your mind.