How To Create Your Lucky Voice Playlist

Posted on Mon Jun 17 2019 by emily

Create your very own custom karaoke playlist ahead of a visit to one of our venues…

For the truly hardcore karaoke lovers amongst us, every minute not spent singing is a minute wasted! With that in mind, preselecting the ultimate playlist ahead of a visit to one of our private room karaoke venues can be a time-saving, note-crunching lifesaver. Ever eager to help, we’ve created a quick and easy process for singers to choose their favourite karaoke anthems before ever actually setting foot inside a Lucky Voice. Simply follow the steps below and your playlist will be loaded up and ready to sing as soon as you enter your room.

P.S. All Lucky Voice bookings include a complimentary code for 30 days of free access to our online karaoke service to help you get a bit of practice in ahead of your visit. Follow the steps below to create your account and start singing at home today.

1) Scroll to the bottom of your booking confirmation email and click the pink button to start the process of creating your playlist

2) You’ll be taken to – select ‘Not signed up’ in grey below the white box

3) This will take you to – choose the button on the right ‘redeem voucher’.

4) Type code PLAYLIST when prompted

5) Then confirm that you don’t have an LV account

6) Fill in your details on the form

7) Click continue and this will take you through to a page saying you’re ready – in the top right corner there’s a note saying ‘Hey (your name)’. Click on your name

8) Make sure to add your mobile number to the form and save it as this is what we’ll use to pull your playlist up on the day of your visit

9) Once you’ve saved your information, click home in the top menu

10) At the bottom you’ll see a playlist option. Select ‘Your Playlists’ and then ‘Create a new playlist’

11) You can then build a playlist in our online player, name it, and add songs in the order you’d like to sing them

12) On the day of your visit, we’ll type your mobile number into the screen of your private karaoke room and your playlist will be waiting for you!

13) And the fun doesn’t have to stop there! If you want to get a bit of extra practice in ahead of your visit, enter voucher code PARTY91 here for a free 30-day trial of our full online karaoke service*.

*You’ll need to enter your card details and will be charged £6.99/month after the 30 days are up, but can cancel anytime during the trial with no charge incurred.

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