7 Things To Do Over A Bank Holiday Weekend

Posted on Fri Aug 25 2017 by shu

It’s gets to that point during the week where you can’t quite contain your excitement when you know there’s a bank holiday weekend just a few days way. It’s one of those events that you can actually taste! And it’s the taste of alcohol, greasy food and freedom! However, the trick is to not dive in at the deep end. If you go hard, you’re going home, let’s spread out the long weekend activities!
We’ve put together a short list of things you can do to make the most out of your bank holiday weekend!

1. Pay your favourite beer garden a visit! 

It’s Friday, it’s 4pm, where do you go? Home? NO! Get to you’re favourite beer garden and enjoy that icy cold beverage after a number of weeks or months since your last bank holiday weekend. We all deserve a couple cheeky pints for waiting so long!


2. Explore

It’s Saturday and as annoying as it is that everyone else on the planet decides to flock to where you end up going, take the time to pick a place where you haven’t been before. Whether that be a part of the countryside, a new city or an attraction. When was the last time you went to the zoo?!


3. Karaoke

Whether that be singing from home with a Lucky Voice Karaoke kit or you decide to visit one of our bars, release the feeling of freedom for the weekend through belting out your favourite tunes!

Brunch .

4. Go out to eat

Pick a restaurant you’ve been thinking about for a while, make an evening of it, get dressed up, let your hair down and make sure you order the biggest dessert going for afters! Take no prisoners!


5. Visit your family.

You’ve got a little extra time, go and see you family, have a cuppa tea or even have a BBQ. Quality time is always extra special, even if you do end up squabbling with your siblings on who is right.


6. Sunday night blow out!

There’s no simpler way to put it other than get messy! Pre drinks, drinking games, wear those painful shoes, end up in that club you really didn’t want to end up in and end the night binging on burgers! You need a messy night every once in a while!

Free Drink Thursday

7. Recovery!

Whilst you might be insanely hungover, take it as duvet day/pamper day. Basically, slowly prepare yourself for Tuesday!


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