Hello there friend! Sadly Lucky Voice is no longer available in Manchester, Newcastle or Leeds following the sale of the Tiger Tiger venues by our franchise partner Novus Leisure. Thanks for having us, we've loved every minute and don't worry, we'll be back! If you'd like to check out where you can still sing with us, please head to our homepage.

Alternatively, why not throw your own karaoke party at home? Our online karaoke player gives singers access to the same 9,000+ strong catalogue of karaoke anthems that you’ll find in our venues – kind of like a karaoke version of Spotify. Combine it with one of our Karaoke Kits and you’ve got the best singing experience possible outside of an actual Lucky Voice venue.

And if there really isn’t anything that will satisfy your karaoke craving except a night out on the town singing in your own private room, we would recommend Cosy Joes in Newcastle and K2 in Manchester.

Happy singing!