Use the Power of Karaoke to Transform Your Business

  • Generate additional revenue
  • Encourage your customers to sing, dance and party
  • Manage trade more efficiently
  • 9000+ fully licensed karaoke tracks
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The Business Case

We don’t need your money, money, money. We just wanna make the world dance

We love your work, Jessie J. "Price Tag" is one of our most played tracks. But when it comes to business, the "cha-ching, cha-ching" is a good thing.

Private room karaoke presents a compelling business case. Light staffing requirements and an affordable monthly fee mean low costs and high gross profits whilst drink spend and room hire revenues generate operating cash. Karaoke rooms are also an efficient way to make use of existing dead space and audio visual equipment. There’s lots of potential to diversify and attract new customers. Take a look at our case studies to find out how a few of our clients have made their Lucky Voice karaoke solution work for them.

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Karaoke Installations

One piece at a time

Lucky Voice is proud to have been involved with a diverse range of clients - below you’ll find some of the karaoke projects we’ve worked on.

Karaoke Software Features

I've got you under my skin

  • Completely Skin-able

    Build awareness and equity around your brand with a customised skin on our software. You can even offer suppliers the chance to share screen space in exchange for sponsorship or stock discounts.

  • Online Integration

    Your customers will be able to pre-build playlists before their booking and access them on the karaoke software on the night – using their mobile number - making for a completely customised, end-to-end experience.

  • Bespoke On-Screen Messaging

    Use on-screen messaging to push drink specials, food deals and venue events to customers in their karaoke room, all without interrupting their experience.

  • Timed Sessions

    Set the session time and leave your customers to sing. No need for staff to interrupt the party or deny pleas for more songs – the software keeps guests informed on their session’s progress and gives them plenty of notice before the lights come on.

  • Guaranteed Last Song Selection

    No devastated faces when the session ends and favourite songs have gone unsung! Customers can choose any song to be their last and the software will do the rest, making sure the chosen title is played before time is up.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Customers can search 1000s of songs by name or artist, queue tracks and view or create playlists using simple steps on a touchscreen. We have dozens of pre-built playlists to get the party started!

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Case Studies & Testimonials

Heard it through the grapevine
Tiger Tiger

"We have found that not only are the karaoke operations a source of revenue in their own right, but they also help to lift the overall performance of the venues." Steve Richards, CEO
Read our case study

Dime Bar

"The up-front investment wasn't massive and our break-even point was low." Steve Kelly, Owner
Read our case study


"There's a strong awareness around Lucky Voice, which we use as a selling point for the space. We feel it adds value to the customer experience." Sarah Hyde, Marketing Director
Read our case study

Kensington Roof Gardens

"Karaoke adds a sense of fun to the venue" Sophie Lilly, Press Officer
Read our case study


"Lucky Voice is so easy to use, it looks great and the song selection is second to none." Stephen Hammond, IT Systems and Reporting Manager
Read our case study

Services and Support

Lean on me

Lucky Voice offer clients expert karaoke consultation, hardware and software solutions, along with training and after-sales support in marketing and operations. Lucky Voice Enterprise is a managed, karaoke software solution, with a comprehensive service level agreement - reducing your downtime and maximising your sales.

Starting a Karaoke Business

I gotta feelin’ that tonight’s gonna be a good night

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I’d like to teach the world to sing

If you have experience operating a lucrative business in the entertainment sector, have an existing location where you think a Lucky Voice proposition would thrive and have capital to fund a karaoke fit out, get in touch now. You could become a part of the growing Lucky Voice family!

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"The up-front investment wasn't massive and our break-even point was low." Steve Kelly, Owner, The Dime Bar